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Our Mission

It's a popular thing to commend small businesses across the country; from prominent political figures like the President of the United States, to massive corporations, to even every day conversation, it has become trendy to praise small businesses as the backbone of the economy. The spotlight is always on the small business-owner wearing the multiple hats -- just trying to scrape by in this tough economy. Oftentimes this archetype business owner operates a bakery; she probably has a little bit of flour on her to show she's got a lot on her plate. If anything, though, this support of small business is not about the small businesses, but more putting a spotlight on those who care about small businesses. The small business is then forgotten until another opportunity for a press shot or some public relations stunt.

FedGov.News developed to give actual small businesses a voice. Its narrow goal is to prop up the accomplishments of small businesses in the government arena -- really show what these companies are offering the world's largest consumer. In turn, the government agencies are able to easily acknowledge and understand what these small contractors have to offer to help alleviate the bureaucracy that is government acquisition. This is not your government news source focused on agency politics, or another source to prop up the Lockheed Martins and the Booz Allen Hamiltons of the world. In short, FedGov.News aims to provide a tangible demonstration of what small business contractors have to offer our government agencies and some of the larger primes of the nation.

Our People

FedGov.News is a collaboration of experts and specialists, contractors and agencies. Its held together by a team of trained editors and publicists -- helping small businesses truly capture their voice. Aiding in this mission is a group of government acquisition experts -- consultants trained in government documentation, former and current government contracting officers providing up-to-date advice, and a litany of large government contractors allowing for wisdom and teaming opportunities. All said, with so many portals of knowledge, FedGov.News is a source of up-to-the-minute information for every aspect of the government market.

Of course, the major drivers are the small businesses themselves -- showing off their project experience, sharing their acquisition triumphs, and providing the content the push this all forward.

Our History

FedGov.News is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the benefit corporation. Founded as a publication company that specialized in non-profit and governmental texts -- including pamphlets and training manuals -- it turned its attention toward propping up businesses across the country in getting in contact with the government agencies.

As such, the company promoted several events and causes -- training seminars to aid in teaching steps to succeed in government contracting, consulting services, registration support, and many causes aimed to help small businesses and the American society, in general. Unfortunately, either due to lack of information or geographical constraints, there still developed a large disconnect between government agencies and small businesses. While the massive corporations could afford to have a team devoted to government sales, or to travel out to various government expos, many small businesses were left in the dark and -- aside from trying to meet certain set-asides -- were largely ignored.

With more modern avenues of procurement -- including the fledgling 18F of the General Services Administration trying to simplify things, and the SBA, namely through the PTAC offices, trying hard to promote small business access to the government market -- things are in the upswing. Agencies are meeting their quotas more, despite claims of fudging of certain numbers and stats. However, there needed to be more -- bringing that affordable option for the agencies and small businesses to interact. There needed to be a proper introduction and continuing dialogue between the two. Enter FedGov.News.

FedGov.News acts as a verification source of information for buyers seeking small business contractor support; it acts as a beacon to broadcast small business brand throughout the government vertical. It inspires more use of set-aside regulation, and allows for greater initiation of innovation in a relatively stagnant market. FedGov.News acts as the bridge between the public and the private sector -- representing both, and yet neither, to bring objective communication in a market previously swamped with confusion and bureaucracy.

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