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1st Class Medical Secures a String of Orders with the Department of Veterans Affairs

September 28th, 2015 - by 1stSeniorCare. | Share on:

1st Class Medical is working with CPL Michael J. Crescenz to supply over $27,000 worth of portable oxygen concentrators to the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Philadelphia since July of this year. Veteran owned, 1st Class Medical is committed to helping COPD patients from all walks of life, and especially veterans, live a full and active life. To further this mission they have set up similar programs with veteran's administrations around the country.

Many veterans struggle with COPD and other respiratory ailments from airborne hazards they faced while deployed. Chemical fires, burn pits, gas fumes, and dust storms have put our servicemen and women at great risk while deployed in the Middle East. Mustard Gas and Agent Orange exposure for our Vietnam and World War II vets have subjected them to a number of debilitating respiratory illnesses as well.

A prescription for medical oxygen used to mean being stuck at home waiting for oxygen delivery and having to lug heavy metal tanks around. Going away for a weekend in the mountains, heading to the park with the grandkids for the day, even going to the grocery store are things that most of us take for granted, but for someone with an oxygen tank these simple things can be nearly impossible at times. The weight of tanks can be a struggle and their oxygen capacity is extremely limited. Studies show being able to live an independent life and interact with friends and loved ones is extremely important in overall health.

The portable oxygen concentrators that 1st Class Medical supplies through the VA cover the needs of a wide range of patients from those on a very light pulse dose, to those who need it at night with a CPAP or BiPAP device, to patients who require oxygen 24 hours a day. All of these concentrators are FAA approved for air travel and can be used with an A/C or D/C power supply. For the ultimate in freedom and convenience, they also run on battery power.

The entire family of AirSep Portable Oxygen Concentrators are available through the VA. The AirSep Focus, FreeStyle, and FreeStyle5 are some of the smallest and lightest concentrators available. Their easy operation and durable engineering make them perfect for the pulse user on the go.

Veterans can also get one of the new, state of the art Activox Concentrators. These concentrators feature advanced features with easy operation. The Activox line of portable oxygen concentrators have some of the longest battery life of any unit available today. The Pro provides 7.25 hours on a pulse setting of 2 while the 4L provides 8.25 hours. Both units are also equipped with sleep mode technology for use at night. This advanced breath detection technology senses shallower breathing as the user falls asleep and increases air flow to maintain proper saturation levels.

Soon veterans will be able to get the Oxlife Independence. This powerful machine provides 6 pulse settings and 3 LPM continuous. It is your 24 hour a day oxygen solution and can be used on sleep mode or on continuous mode using a CPAP or BiPAP machine. It also comes with one of the most agile travel carts built right in to the concentrator.

1st Class Medical is also one of the only distributors that is an authorized service center. Each concentrator comes with lifetime free phone tech support. Your call is always answered by a person and never routed to an overseas call center.

1st Class Medical also has a VA specialist on staff dedicated specifically to help vets navigate this, sometimes tricky, purchasing system. For more information call 1-800-520-5726

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