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Contractor Ratings
As stated in our mission section, it is our goal to give a voice to small businesses in the government market through verified project experience. This is predominately done through our press release system -- bringing easy-to-see, tangible history straight to contracting officers to help in their acquisition process. It's no longer about narrowing down NAICS codes or trying to figure out what a fellow contracting officer may have mentioned on the record of FPDS or the like.

However, it goes beyond just one press release, though. Each press release is a building block -- showing a full history of qualification. The more evidence, the easier and better the testimony that your company is the go-to option. Over time, a profile is established based on this project history that can develop into a rating system. The higher the rating, the better the evidence, and therefore, a much more likely push toward further business with the government -- not just with that particular contracting office, but the entire federal system. Imagine a contracting officer being able to easily distinguish you as an exemplary contractor within a few moments.

As such, its crucial to boost your rating, and you can do that in a variety of ways, as diagrammed below:

Press Release
CO Testimony
Contractor Recommendation
Rating Boost

To elaborate, each time your company releases a notice of a verified government project, that raises your rating 20 points; as you have an unlimited amount of press releases each month, obviously, you want to push for as many releases as possible! The main benefit to the contractor is increased recognition in the government market, but one of the main benefits to the contracting officers is a verified record of project history. Every press release is monitored and verified before posting; if FedGov.News cannot verify the claim of project experience, it will not be posted. With that said, collaboration within the government community is HIGHLY favored; it is recommended that with each press release, a contractor should encourage the contracting officer(s) that worked alongside them to "Testify" on the project. You can gain as many applicable testimonials per project, but they must come from a verified contracting officer (ie, must come from a .gov/.mil email) or verified major prime contractor (ie, must come from a Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc. email). Again, the better the evidence, the more significant your company profile becomes, and as such, your rating will rise.

You can also boost your rating by recommending other contractors to the system, which yes, does directly benefit FedGov.News itself. However, the reason why this will also boost your rating is due to the rampant encouragement of competition in the government market. Essentially, if you have an exceptionally high rating, but you're only competing against two other companies, that's not as significant as if you were competing against a hundred other companies. The introduction of this competition makes your profile even more significant, and thus, if your company does this, it will increase its rating.

Contractor Contest!

Every month, one contractor will differentiate itself from the pack -- registering the highest rating increase for the month over all industries. This contractor will be given special emphasis for the next month, but also will win the contractor contest for the month! The prize for the top contractor is $1000. I am going to repeat that again. If you are the highest rated contractor in the FedGov.News system, your company will win $1000.

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