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RWL Tech, LLC Partners with Learn Appeal

July 7th, 2016 - by RWL Tech, LLC | Share on:

OAK HILL, VA: Many people throughout the world do not have access to quality learning resources. Learning is the catalyst to success and the great equalizer in terms of opportunity for growth and development. RWL Tech, LLC is committed to ensuring that everyone throughout the world has access to learning. To that end, we are volunteering our time to assist Learn Appeal develop engaging offline learning solutions to people in some of the most remote areas of the world.

The two key issues that Learn Appeal is addressing are:
• How can we provide eLearning content to remote communities where they don't have internet access or electricity?
• How can we help charities provide targeted learning resources in their areas that can be accessed by clients using their own devices?

Over the next year RWL Tech, LLC will support Learn Appeal by developing an evaluation plan to ensure that all learning resources designed and developed by Learn Appeal meet the desired learning goals and objectives. Effective evaluation methods are key to ensuring that the project is meeting its desired outcomes. It also ensures that the outcomes are tied to the overall strategic goals outlined by the funding organizations. This innovative technology allows people to learn offline in all parts of the world.

RWL Tech, LLC is excited to be part of this endeavor as it furthers our own goal of bringing quality education to everyone. As the workplace continues to evolve and the need for a continuous flow of education increases, RWL Tech, LLC is committed to making learning a part of one's everyday life. We strive to ensure that the right learning content, in the right format, at the right time is provided and accessible to ALL.

About RWL Tech, Inc.: Cheryl Johnson, Performance Solution Specialist at RWL Tech, Inc. has been helping organizations build engaging learning for over 20 years. Based on her vast experience, she has developed the SMART Solutions for Learning program. It enables organizations to focus on building their employees knowledge, skills and attitudes, and improve performance through continuous learning. RWL Tech can be reached via phone (703-349-5521), email (cherstinane@readwritetechnology.com), or through their website (www.READWRITETECHNOLOGY.com).

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