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Cabin John Consulting Corp Concludes 2016 with a Bang with Department of Treasury

December 5th, 2016 - by Cabin John Consulting Corp | Share on:

As a boutique provider of .Net, SharePoint, and Office 365 services, Cabin John Consulting Corp. (CJCC) has had an excellent record of performance in providing solutions, reducing resource dependency, identifying continuous improvement, and increasing performance metrics for our federal customers. Our work as a subcontractor at the Department of Treasury is one such example of our expertise and ability to provide high-quality results.

Since 2014 CJCC has partnered with BlueCanopy and others on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Program Services Project at the Department of Treasury's CIO Office. Over the course of this project, CJCC has played an important role in providing application development, enterprise architecture, and O&M services to the team and agency.

ECM provides solutions to meet collaboration needs and address shared business problems, and is supported by the Shared First Initiative, which aims to increase efficiencies and cost saving. ECM is becoming the preferred government-wide shared service offering for SharePoint solutions. As part of this project, CJCC has been involved in developing an eCase management system based on current SharePoint technology, establishing governance standards in line with best practices, creating new architecture, and supporting new user/group roles and permissions agency-wide.

CJCC and the team's work on eCase has required developing a framework for organizing and storing all documents and files related to an individual case, background information, correspondence, work product, etc. This has resulted in a much more efficient and effective case management system that provides the Treasury approximately $8M a year in savings and cost avoidance. The eCase management system includes executive level dashboards and reports, facilitates collaboration, provides the ability to perform meaningful searches driven by case metadata, and allows for permissions to be set at a global level, reducing the risk of security breaches. In total, eCase has helped the Treasury by providing a secure, centralized location for storing electronic documents, activities, and metadata associated with a wide variety of cases a part of the ECM platform. The common functionality of eCase provides an 80% solution for all Bureaus in collaborating and managing their own cases.

Over the course of this project, CJCC has also worked with the OCIO to develop the architecture and governance of the emerging ECM platform. This has included the creation of a Governance Wiki, which forced all developers to follow the standards introduced after joining EBS of the OCIO, creating design templates enforcing consistency around forms, sites, and lists, and supporting new user/group roles and permissions across the agency. Our work, along with BlueCanopy and the rest of the team, has greatly contributed to the deployment of a unified content management strategy. This strategy, with more flexible architecture and agile-based delivery, has lowered investment costs for the Treasury, centralized infrastructure management, and maximized efficiencies by providing more opportunities for automation and increasing collaboration and transparency.

In 2017 CJCC and its teammates are looking forward to providing further SharePoint and .Net solutions to help with Enterprise-wide collaboration and bringing improvements to business processes at the Treasury and related agencies and entities such as DOI, DOT, ICE and the IRS.

Cabin John Consulting Corp can be contacted via their website (www.cabinjohnconsultingcorp.com), by email (services@cabinjohnconsulting.com), or by phone (443-615-7900).

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