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MuniRem® Completes Explosive Neutralization and Decontamination Project at Camp Minden, LA

June 7th, 2017 - by MuniRem Environmental, LLC | Share on:

Project Overview
Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises (OTIE) was contracted by an international ammunition manufacturer to conduct the safe cleaning and removal of equipment from the site. H-6 (1.1D) explosives contamination was present in bulk and residual form within Bay-5 of Building 1619 and on the Melter/Flaker machine. The Client specified the use of MuniRem® Reagent and OTIE then contracted with MuniRem Environmental, LLC (MRE) to develop the on-site process of explosives neutralization using the MuniRem® Reagent for safe disassembly of all equipment. The figure below illustrates Building 1619 (with Bay doorways) and the MuniRem® H-6 processing area.

The Melter/Flaker machine, located in Bay-5, was formerly used to recover H-6 (1.1D) explosive. Based on sampling of wall surfaces and a visual assessment of Bay-5, this project assumed that 100% of all surfaces within Bay-5 were contaminated with H-6 including: ceiling, walls, floors, Melter/Flaker apparatus, fume hood, utility pipes, utility fixtures, conveyor belt with components, work platforms, structural supports tools, miscellaneous debris (brooms, rods, wooden handles, containers), and Melter/Flaker accessory components.

Specific tasks performed by OTIE and MRE to decontaminate and disassemble the equipment in Bay-5 included the following:

• Initial spray application of MuniRem® solution within entire Bay 5 of Building 1619 to desensitize H-6 surface area contamination.
• Located, sprayed and cleaned electrical conduit where it connected to the Melter/Flaker machine.
• Sprayed, desensitized, soaked (with MuniRem® solution), and cleaned loose materials in the Bay.
• Removed and transported manageable small batches of H-6 bulk material from hopper and tray assemblies to the nearby process area.
• Applied continuous spray of MuniRem® solution, while dismantling the Melter/Flaker machine, support structures, conveyor assembly, fume hood, ducts and wooden platform with hand tools.
• Processed Bay-5 components as they were removed in MuniRem® solution to ensure they were visually clean of explosives.
• Sprayed walls, ceiling, hood, and all equipment with MuniRem® solution and rinsed surface areas thoroughly. Applied MuniRem® solution on the floor to progressively dissolve and destroy the explosives in any cracks during equipment and Bay decontamination.
• Performed final testing of derived waste and by products before local disposal as non-hazardous waste.
• Removed cleaned equipment and trash from Bay-5 for local disposal and recycling.

The project plan was based on the assumption that approximately 200 lbs of H-6 was left on the Melter/Flaker unit. However, over 900 lbs of bulk explosive material was eventually recovered. In addition, the project team successfully adapted practices to overcome inclement weather conditions that were unusual for the Camp Minden region: two days of snow, freezing rain, and multiple days with temperatures below freezing.

The MuniRem solution achieved:
• Instant destruction of small explosives pieces in-situ
• Safe recovery of large explosives pieces and neutralization of the recovered explosives in reaction tanks
• Safe disassembly of the decontaminated equipment

The project team decontaminated walls, floors, ceilings and disassembled equipment as well as achieved regulatory level compliance in the final disposition of waste streams (liquids and solids) for characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, explosivity, and toxicity. According to regulatory and/or explosive safety qualified professionals, the Bay-5 work area is now the cleanest and safest place within Building 1619.

About MuniRem Environmental, LLC
MuniRem Environmental, LLC is a small, disadvantaged business out of Duluth, GA. They can be reached by the website (www.munirem.com), by email (vnzengung@munirem.com), or by phone (706-316-3525).

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