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Veteran-Owned Blackhawk Consulting's President Tom Crea Featured at Book Signing Event

August 22nd, 2016 - by Blackhawk Consulting Group | Share on:

Fredonia, NY: Chautauqua Striders (Facebook) is hosting a book signing featuring local area authors Wendy Corsi-Staub, Sean Kirst, and Tom Crea on August 27, 2016 at its Alumni House. Tom will be presenting his book, Unleash Your Values: How to Lead & Succeed in Business Today.

This book is a must read for aspiring leaders and senior business leaders alike. If you are looking to develop your leadership team because you seek that elusive, happy, and engaged workforce, you'll discover how much easier that gets when your team's values are aligned with your corporate culture.
-- Jim Bowman

If you are new to a leadership position, read this book. If you are an experienced leader, study it! Crea has distilled the essence of leadership into a short, yet highly readable, text. His discussion of values and company culture are foundational to the far-ranging investigations of power, responsibility, personal and personnel development, delegation, teamwork, creating a learning organization, communication, establishing a common goal, and finally, trust in your personal gyroscope. Even the most experienced leaders will discover new insights and perspectives. Crea laces his text with useful 'keys to leadership success' and 'business insights.' He provides a number of easily accessible resources that further develop his key concepts. If you are looking for a clear explanation of how to improve your personal leadership and that of your subordinates, this is the book you want.
-- Rich Barbuto

Unlike so many overly verbose management books, this one is a great resource that gets straight to the point - aligning your values and skills for leadership. The book presents information in a "quick and easy to read" format and is full of practical advice (gleaned from military experience) on how to develop leadership skills. There are numerous anecdotal examples which explain key principles, differentiate authority from responsibility, and illustrate how to build successful teams.
-- John Twerdok

Loved it. It was excellent reading for leaders/managers today. I found it enjoyable to read...concise yet illustrative with Tom's teaching moments in life.
-- Ken Park

What's the surest way to fail in a leadership role? Lose sight of your values.

• You found a place where you could live according to your personal beliefs; Values are the magnet that attracted you to your workplace (recruiting).
• Your colleagues did the same. When lived, values become the bond that keep everyone united and pursuing the cause (retention).
• We all want to be around other who share our personal values and beliefs so that we spend our time in an environment (culture) that makes us happy.

Companies need leaders to promote organizational values and maintain the company culture to attract and retain the right employees.

Blackhawk Consulting Group, LLC is a veteran-owned speaking and coaching practice focused on developing leaders who improve teamwork through effective communication, emphasizing the importance of aligning personal and professional values. You can contact Blackhawk either by phone (412.347.6151), by email (tom@blackhawkleader.com), or through their website (blackhawkleader.com).

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