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SDVoBMall.com Supplies Products and Solutions to the U.S. Federal Government and Large Companies

June 18th, 2016 - by Global Encasement, Inc. | Share on:

Thanks in significant part to the assistance received from DC PTAC via its Small Business Development Program, SDVoBMall.com delivers over $12,500 in materials and supplies to the Architect of The Capitol as part of the company's focus on helping federal and local agency procurement departments to simplify their procurement of small purchases. Supplies ranged from leather sofas to Nikon cameras and lens.

"SDVoBMall.com, thanks both Sheila Edmondson and the D.C. PTAC Team because they took the time to help us focus our craft and to perfect our processes at a time when we needed it most and we couldn't be more grateful," says Tony Wilson, SDVoBMall.com's President.

SDVoBMall.com LLC is a VA VetBiz Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business based in Washington DC. Since its inception in 2013, the company's president, a retired military member and registered service disabled veteran has partnered with over 40,000 globally established manufacturer, production and distribution channels to provide fulfillment capabilities for many varying products that government agents procure and need.

Core services include Global Trade, Products & Raw Materials Sourcing, Exporting Solutions, Warehousing, and Trade Finance Services. We have personnel boots on the ground in 9 differing countries in 12 different time zones around the world and currently providing military and federal agencies with sourcing requirements anywhere from Oakland to Lomé Togo, West Africa. SDVoBMall.com LLC has established strong credit lines with vendor manufacturers and various banking relationships up to and including the processing of international orders requiring the use of banking instruments. So large orders considered. SDVoBMall.com can help you source much needed products quickly.

In an effort to assist government agencies and companies to meet their contracting goals via the Simplified Acquisitions Process (SAP), we process orders from registered users with a value of $25,000 and below. This is considered our company's niche focus however larger sourcing request are most welcomed. As the premier SDVOSB sourcing firm in the world, let us help you meet and exceed your company's sourcing objectives.

SDVoBMall.com, LLC was started in June of 2013 and is one is the fastest growing federal ecommerce driven sourcing and export management companies around offering products and solutions both domestically and globally. It can be reached by email (info@sdvobmall.com), by phone (888-805-2522), and by their website (www.SDVOBMALL.com).

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