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Advanced Filing Systems, Inc. Creates Filing Solutions for Miami Dade Police Department Personnel Department

February 1st, 2018 - by Advanced Filing Systems, Inc. | Share on:

Miami Dade Police Department's 30-year-old electrically powered Kardex Lektrievers stored critical personnel records on paper and microfilm. The Lektrievers had reached the end of their service life and broke frequently. As malfunctions increased - the Personnel Department found itself with frequent delays which in turn stopped access to records for days at a time while parts were sourced and then repaired. Staff frustration mounted each time the Lektrievers failed, work piled up and sensitive employee issues went unanswered. Their 6 Lektrievers contained a variety of media - Microfilm on Rolls and Sheets, Letter Size Personnel Classification Folders, Cans of Microfiche and Top Tab Folders. All this media was mixed up among the 6 Lektrievers. Advanced Filing faced a complicated logistical challenge - How to unload all the media, index it and make it available for staff access, then disassemble and haul out the 8'H x 5'D 8.5'W electrically powered machines, create a new filing system, install new mechanically driven storage equipment, devise a filing system, re-train staff on the new filing system, then reload all the media into new storage equipment. All without disrupting the Staff's workflow.

Advanced Filing proposed a system of Aurora's mechanically driven Times-2 (X2) Rotary Files to replace the electrically driven Lektrievers. Times-2s (X2s) can be configured with shelves or pull out drawers to hold a variety of media. Advanced Filing took advantage of this design strength to tailor each of the X2s internal configuration of drawers, shelves and pull-out posting boards to match up to the media that came out of the Lektrievers. Advanced Filing's experienced technicians started the project by unloading all the Letrievers into Open Shelf Double Sided Library Carts, so staff would have uninterrupted access. Next the Lektrievers were taken apart, loaded into trucks and driven to a steel recycling facility. With the room emptied of Lektrievers, the Times-2s (X2s) were installed and finally the Folders and Microfilm were loaded in. The Times-2s (X2s) provided more capacity in a smaller footprint than the bulky Lektrievers and gave Staff faster access to their media. Advanced Filing's design solved the electrical power issues, provided greater capacity, and with the implementation of computerized color-coded filing system labels the department was able to find folders quickly, not lose them and put them away in half the time utilizing the linear patterns of color that Advanced Filing designed.

About Advanced Filing Systems, Inc.
Advanced Filing Systems, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business based in Plantation, FL. They can be reached through their website at www.advancedfiling.com, by email at sales@advancedfiling.com, or by phone at 877.792.8226.

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