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Hogan Assessments and EASI-Consult LLC Announce Collaboration

August 31st, 2017 - by EASI-Consult, LLC | Share on:

Hogan Assessments, a global leader in personality assessment and leadership development, and human capital management leader EASI-Consult LLC have announced a new collaboration that will include an innovative research project and the publication of a new book on learning agility.

EASI-Consult, which dedicates a significant portion of its business to individual assessments for selection and development, has worked with Hogan on various initiatives through the years. The latest collaboration aims to connect learning agility, a top area of focus in the global workplace, to its applications within organizations. In 2016, EASI-Consult Principal and Chief Operating Officer David Hoff and Dr. Warner Burke, Thorndike Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University and creator of the Burke Learning Agility Inventory™, entered into an agreement for ongoing research and distribution of Burke's inventory. EASI-Consult and Burke later saw an opportunity to work with Hogan and advance the research from a personality standpoint.

"We absolutely believe there is a relationship between personality and learning agility, and this partnership will give us the opportunity to establish that connection," says Burke. "There is no better measure of personality in the world than the Hogan Assessment suite, so we're thrilled to be working with the Hogan team."

Dr. Robert Hogan, Chairman & President of Hogan Assessments, says the latest collaboration is a testament to a shared mutual commitment to research standards and product quality. "If you're going to develop assessments with the intent of global distribution, you have a responsibility to make sure they are valid and reliable," says Hogan. "There's no question that Dr. Burke and EASI-Consult adhere to those principles, which is what sets them apart from the competition."

The new book, co-written by Hoff and Burke, will be published by Hogan Press later this year. In addition, EASI-Consult and Hogan plan to explore other areas of collaboration in the future. "Our values align so well that it makes sense for us to continue to identify opportunities that are beneficial to all parties involved," says Hogan. "More importantly, we all share the common goal of improving the global workplace."

About EASI-Consult, LLC:
EASI-Consult was created in 1999 by Dr. David Smith, who was joined by David Hoff as a Principal of the firm in 2003. The organization focuses on the creation and validation of pre-employment tests to help customers achieve superior organizational performance. EASI-Consult accomplishes this by providing clients with Human Capital Business Solutions in the areas of selection, development and leadership. For more information, visit www.easiconsult.com.

About Hogan Assessments:
Hogan Assessments is the global leader in providing comprehensive, research-based personality assessment and consulting. Grounded in decades of science, Hogan helps businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent and evaluating leadership potential. Hogan's assessments are available in 57 countries and 46 languages, and are used by more than half of Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit www.hoganassessments.com.

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